Web Video Is No Novelty

Businesses ignore online multimedia at their own peril. Indeed, as technology advances make it possible to digitize and share video online, people are finding an array of ways to put multimedia to work in their day-to-day activities. Think of web video as a new type of data that can be integrated into a range of applications capable of enhancing any organization’s productivity.

For example, presentations by executives can be distributed as a webinar video to hundreds–even thousands–of employees and customers across the globe. With the addition of post production editing, motion graphics and music, the video version may be better and more entertaining than the original presentation! Or consider recording  events like trade shows and training sessions, then make them available on an on-demand basis. This cuts down on enormous travel expenses because producing a video costs substantially less than flying a few executives to several locations, or sending an entire marketing entourage to a conference. It also provides companies a new way to keep everyone informed about the company’s strategies and long-term business goals. A well-produced, exciting video can make an employee feel enormous pride.

The goal is to foster a broader range of employee dialogue. By putting multimedia publishing and distribution technologies in the hands of workers across the globe, employees are provided with new tools that help them interact more efficiently, more effectively. Mike McDougall, VP or Corporate Communications at Bausch & Lomb, says, “We try to use this technology to drive interpersonal communications. And as people become more familiar with consumer services like YouTube, it’s something they come to expect to have available at work as well.”

The more companies experiment with the implementation of the technology, it should be expected that more organizations would take the next step to embrace the deployment of Web video as a means to building competitive advantage. Those organizations that at least begin to learn how to use the technology today will not be caught flat-footed when rivals begin to reap the productivity efficiencies that will come from discovering and using online video in a big way for years to come. So if you haven’t already done so, get started, think big and hit the ground running!